A few Sundays ago I was with Imma from Living with Choco at vivea, sharing a nice afternoon talking about yoga, acceptance and respect towards oneself.

« I was physically weak every week. Nerves took over my stomach left me with acid reflux. I was weak: my nails would break and my skin and hair were very dry, and I experienced small panic attacks. These events stayed apara with time but when exams drew nearer: they came back. I felt like I was in a very competitive place and full of pressure. I thought it was the environment I was in, but my works enemy was myself. I was too much of a perfectionist and I did not accept the idea of not reaching the goals I had set myself ».

Imma says "I felt inspired to look for a challenge: I felt like I was too comfortable in my practie; and after an alterno with Irene something lit up inside. I am not about advanced postures, I like simple things; yet I had forgotten the importance of having a challenge. Challenging ourselves is also related with listening to our bodies and self-acceptance. If you'd like to hear more about this topic, check the interview below (in Spanish) in  Vivea ".