intuition in movement

Joins us on the mat for a practice to connect, play, breath, dance, write, laugh, experiment, learn, smile, cry, discover, reflect, inspire, and share.

Photography: Eira Sheper




This workshop is an adventure through movement and breath, specifically designed to tap into your inner intelligence, strength, and tenacity: with each exhalation making space for creativity and which each inhalation breathing in energy and inspiration.  Through a mix of meditation, auto-reflection, and a vinyasa flow practice, you will be guided to find balance and acceptance in your daily life.

Don't forget to bring a journal and pen!

Irene will guide you in finding the relation between your day-to-day fears and your practice on the mat. With her, you'll work on letting go whatever is limiting you and become the best version of yourself. Her classes are intense and fluid, designed to create both strength and flexibility in the body. You will find clear and detailed description of the exercises with space for introspection. Plus, you will receive tons of assists and details of thai massage.