defy gravity

¿Are you ready to change your perspective? Come to enjoy a fun inversion workshop: say "bye" to your fears, strengthen the body and obtain all the benefits of being upside down. We will work on crow pose (bakasana), headstand (sirsasana), forearm balance (pinchamayurasana), and more.

We will begin with the breath-always an excellent guide and empowering tool-followed by a fun and core-based dynamic flow to create a strong base for your inversion practice, partner work, and a breakdown and tips on inversions.  Plus, you will also receive a summary with the highlights of the workshops so you can easily incorporate them into your daily practice.

Arm balances and inversions force us to be present and reflect our inner strength, spontaneity, courage, and grace. A correct alignment will optimize your strength and will develop into a practice focused on integration and longevity.

Irene will guide you in finding the relation between your day-to-day fears and your practice on the mat. With her, you'll work on letting go whatever is limiting you and become the best version of yourself. Her classes are intense and fluid, designed to create both strength and flexibility in the body. You will find clear and detailed description of the exercises with space for introspection. Plus, you will receive tons of assists and details of thai massage.