YOGA for runners

Do you go on long runs on Sundays? Do you suffer anxiety before a race? Would you like to create strength and flexibility to avoid injury? If you have answered "yes"  to any of this questions, this workshops is a perfect fit for you. Learn how to incorporate yoga in your workout schedule.

london May 14th

In this workshop you will learn how yoga can become a compliment toyour workouts and how to incorporate it on a daily basis. Yoga can prevent injury and aid in the healing process, make you feel empowered, and strengthen the body and mind. We will explore breathing techniques, strength exercises with asana. You will have the necessary tools for "when and how" introduce yoga in your weekly schedule to become a better and happier runner. Plus, you will learn more about your body: where are your limits and how to manage them, how to use the breath for your advantages and techniques to keep yourself motivated for maximum performance.

We will begin by defining yoga and how it relates with running and some simple routines to follow pre-, during, and post- running practice or competition.  You will find what flexibility/strength imbalances are in your body and how to balance them.  Plus, we will talk about nutrition, hydration, and breathing techniques to keep your body nourished.  From here, we will move to the mat for a fun and dynamic vinyasa flow class followed by a small snack. Plus, a special set of note "yoga for runners" that summarizes the content of the workshop is included.

Irene cultivates balance between translational repetitive movements off the mat and static fluidity on the mat. She has been competing in cross-country and track since she was 7 years old until 22 at a national level. Irene is huge believer that yoga is a key complementary tool to all sports.  Expect be challenged in strength and flexibility in both body and mind, essential for a maximum performance and optimum mobility. You will experience fluid and intense sequences designed to inspire and empower with tons of hands-on assists and elements of thai massage.