Today I'd like to share with you how running benefits from yoga. Running is a repetitive movement done during long periods of time. This type of exercise creates tension in your back and shortens the hamstrings and calves. Yoga is an excellent tool to avoid these issues. Plus, it help in maintaining your hips flexible which allows the full range of movement when running.

I've prepared  two sequences for you to practice at home. One is the video above where you will work on flexibility in your legs. We will get into the quads, calves, hamstrings, and hips. You will need a yoga mat and two blocks. I recommend it after your training sessions. If you are working to  develop strength, I recommend that you do the sequence shown below. Warm up with some sun salutations. I recommend maintaining standing poses between 5-10 breaths and seated or reclined poses for 10-20 breaths. Remember to use your ujjayi breath (nasal breath). When you maintain a stretching exercise for 2 minutes or longer you work the flexibility of the fascia. The drawings are only for one side of the body so remember to practice both. Feel free to include vinyasa (plank + chaturanga + upward facing dog + downward facing dog) at any time to transition from one posture to another.