Every year, we jot down resolutions for the following year. Many people write: spend more time with family, quit smoking, exercise more, etc. However, often times, they don't become real changes that are here to stay. So, I propose to you to write a vision instead.

How to write a vision?

1. Divide your vision in four sections: relationships (both with yourself and others), health and wellness, career and abundance (aka money), and spiritual practice (religion, meditation, journaling, whatever works for you).

2. Write in prose, in the present tense, and ONLY positive words are allowed. Forbidden words: no, can't, will, would, if, etc.

3. Describe how you envision your life to be in each section (remember: in the present tense!). Be as detailed as you can about it. 

4. Ask someone to read it to check if the above points are met. If you don't feel comfortable, you can check yourself.  However, by telling someone about it the chances of you creating your vision increases.

5. Place it where you see it every day. If at some point you feel it need a change, no problem, re-calibrate your vision.

If you are still a bit lost, it's ok. I share with you the part "spiritual practice" of my vision, so you can get an idea.

Everyday, just when I wake up I dedicate 10 minutes to sit down and meditate. I focus on my breath. It brings me to the present moment. Meditation follows a yoga practice.  At night, before going to bed I journal: I write down and explain how my ego has popped-out through out the day (A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle will aid you on this) and every week I complete "If I had now fear, I would...". After journaling, I read a few pages of whatever book is in my hands (currently it is "An Ordinary Life Transformed by Stephanie Rutt"). 
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