The coming of a new year is always an excellent opportunity for reflection and looking back at what has happened the past year. Often times we don't realize how much we've achieved, so before you keep reading, tell yourself "good job, you are doing great", because you've done much more than you think. 

A tool that I like to use is a vision board. You can do a written one or a visual one. In this occasion I will share with you a visual one and how to get it done. In the pictures below you will find my own vision board, ready to create your own?


The first thing that I recommend to do is that, for a few days, you think about what you'd like to manifest in your life. Allow it be anything, let it be wild, let it crazy... nothing is impossible! As a small guideline, you can think about the following categories: relationships, physical activities/free-time/hobbies, spirituality, and job/professional related. Once you have a bit of an idea of this, you can get started:

  1. Log in to pinterest and create a board of pictures, quotes or anything in between that represents the above mentioned categories.  Feel free to add other categories if you'd like, but those four are a great place to start. You can also use your own pictures of course!
  2. Get a frame and a white sheet of paper, cut everything out and place it out like a collage, have fun and be creative :)
  3. Place it somewhere that you see everyday and look at it. Say "thank you" as you do, as if it were already happening.

I have it on my bedside table as you can see, so I see it every morning as I get up.

May all your dreams come true,