Are you a happy vegetarian/vegan? Or do you suffer from it? We live in a society where we feel the need to identify ourselves with tags and the idea of falling out of one is… scary? embbarasing? fills you up with guilt? I’ve seen vegetarians and vegans who feel deprived and sad about what they eat. I’ve heard so many times “Mmmmm, bacon, I really love bacon” or “Cutting out cheese was so hard”. Like… seriously???? SERIOUSLY????

The relationship you have with your food reflects what is going on in your life: don’t we tend to eat less when sad? or a lot when anxious? In the end, food should be something enjoyable, not something that stresses us out. Like, “Oh, dear, will there be a vegan option at the restaurant?”. The idea of going out and socializing is to have a good time. So, when a diet shows up at the table (hahaha, at the table), it is important to be a little easy on yourself.

The motivation for me to write this is to encourage you to be flexible with your meals if you feel the need to do it. Even if you eat the healthiest food ever, if you are not relaxed about it… is it really that healthy? Is your body going to digest it well? Mmmmm, sorry to dissappoint but, no, that is not a healthy mindset around food. It’s actually kind of messed up.

If you find yourself craving something that doesn’t enter into your self-imposed diet… go for it! Enjoy it, and do NOT feel guilty about it. The body is wise and knows its needs. Of course, I am not encouraging you to go out and eat a whole bunch of cookies/huge steak if you just feel like it. No, I’m talking about being balanced and mindful with your food: both in quantity and type. Just listen and tune in!

Often times people ask me if I am vegan. My answer is usually along the lines of “well, yes for the short answer”. Although I do consider that most of my meals are vegan (and my body loves it!), for instance, I do include honey into my diet. I feel very alienated from the idea of depriving myself from a food that I feel like eating. Moreover, when I eat out, I relax a little more. If I can (and feel like it) I will try to avoid milk and cheese (eggs I have to confess I don’t like so much), BUT if one day I feel like dulce de leche ice cream or a grilled goat cheese salad: I’m the first in line. 

Bottom line: feel free with with your food choices, eat with love, and your body and mind will love you back. Always.