From not being able to sleep deeply to suffering form insomnia, there is a wide range of “quick fixes” you can try out to rest better and wake up radiant with energy. There are mainly 4 factors that influence your sleep quality: the circadian rhythm, your age, stress (psychological), and the use of substances that excite your such as nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. There are somethings that we obviously can’t change, but we can learn to navigate them to rest better.

Let’s begin with things you can do right now. For instance, you can avoid high intensity exercise at night (this can excite and wake up the body), drink too much after 8 pm (that way you don’t need to wake up to pee), staring at a screen with blue light (you can change your computer settings for “night mode”), and try to have a light dinner for an easy digestion.

Ok, now… a little more of a challenge. Let’s begin by leaving the bed just for sex and for sleep. This way, your head relates just with these too. Also, sometimes we are stressed and it’s like we can’t switch our brain off at all: there is something bothering us or there are many responsibilities that we have to meet. If this is the case, take a piece of paper and make 3 lists: what is stressing you, how can you manage it, and what are you thankful for. You can do this in combination with meditation, a light reading with warm light, and/or some gentle stretching. Oh! And one last thing… never look at the time during the night: this usually makes one more anxious.

Happy ZzzzZZZZzzzs!!!