Good morning Monday and... what's up? Ah, yes! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays  I go running with a friend. Tuesdays and or Thursdays, I go to agoyoga for a guided practice in combination with small personal mini-practices during the week. Does this sound familiar? We have the tendency of always doing the same, always the same routine. I encourage you to try something different this month: cross-training. Let me tell you why ;)

When you start a sport for the first time it is usually hard, difficult, strenuous. And, most of the time, its followed by a couple days of soreness. It takes a bit of time for our body to get used to the movements, build up the cardio, or whatever it is we need to learn to do. And what does cross-training have to do with this? Well, when you change up you workout, you are suprising your body with a new challenge. This allows you to become stronger and to increase your fitness level. 

Obviously, if you like a  certain sport or type of workout very much, keep doing it. But do allow youself one day a week where you can try something new, something different. This "something diffeent" for me is climbing at the moment. I am still amazed by the soreness I feel in my forearms and how very slowly the fingers get a little stronger. I've been going to the climbing gym for a month and I notice that body slowly learn, adapts, and re-adjusts. And... I don't know, maybe it is the moment to try something different again (I am still a total newbie in climbing, eh?).

Besides the physical benefits, you will cultivate your "beginners mind", and most likely meet new people and make new friends. Oh! And who knows! maybe you find a new "favorite sport" that you enjoy. So... are yo up for it? What are you going to try next?