Breakfast time is sacred on the weekends. I usually get up, do a bit of movement-either yoga or go on a run. After getting dressed (sometimes back into my PJs), time to nourish the bod! I have a huge sweet tooth, and although I avoid processed sugars, I love sweets. This is why a smoothie bowl for breakfast is such a simple luxury that I adore. 

So, how do you prepare one? It is fairly simple. You will need to freeze fruit for the base. I usually use bananas (peeled and cut into pieces), but you can also use other fruits (on their own or with a bit of bananas) and then add veggie milk. Depending on the amount of liquid you add, the consistency of your smoothie bowl will change so adjust it depending on what you wish-more of ice cream texture or more of a smoothie one. Once the base is ready, it's time to be creative with the toppings (My fave!).

I recommend that you prepare the toppings before stating of with the base (specially if you want more of an ice cream texture). Let yourself go wild here! I think it is super fun to be creative and enjoy with decorating your bowl. I would recommend going with some sliced fruit (you'll never go wrong with this), chia seeds, flax seeds, nut butters are also great, polen, cacao nibs, whatever your imaginations puts you up to! Enjoy :)

I have to admit that they are a bit of an addiction (I'm actually eating one know as I'm writing this... haha).