Master classes, workshop, yoga retreats, teacher trainings... so many different types of offerings out there that you do not know what to chose? That's ok, let's break it down for you and try to give you an over view of each of them so you can find the right fit.

Master classes

They are usually around 75-90 minutes long and tend to be large yoga classes. There are some very massive events such as löle's white tour, free yoga by oysho, and the summer solstice event in times square.

They usually host many people and it amazing to practice with so many people around you. They create a huge sense of community and I believe they help yoga to be more widespread.

Photography:  vivea

Photography: vivea


Workshops are usually 2-3 hour long sessions where there is time to go in depth on whatever the topic of the workshop. Typical workshops are on: inversions, backbending, hip openers, etc.

Why should you go? It will help you deepen on your practice or learn new tricks and exercises. Personally, I feel they are inspiring both for my personal practice and my teaching.

Photography:  vivea

Photography: vivea

Yoga retreats

Yoga retreats can go from a weekend experience to a full week or more. They usually include accommodation and full board (vegetarian meals are usually the thing).  Regarding yoga, they tend to include two yoga sessions: one in the morning and another one in the evening.

The rest of the day, it really depends on the retreat. Sometimes they will give you free time and others you will have personal development workshops or yoga specific workshops.

You can find yoga retreats that are nearby to save money and time from traveling but you can also find yoga retreats all over the world. Some exotic places include Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Greece or Morroco.

Photography:  vivea

Photography: vivea

Teacher training

Ok, so you've decided to go more in depth into the yoga practice. That is awesome! Usually you will find 200 hours YTT certified by Yoga Alliance that can be taken as an intensive or through out a year. Whatever training you choose I recommend you get informed about the teacher and contact people who have already done it to get some insight about the training.

Usually they are a bit pricey so it is good to do research before hand. I absolutely loved mine with Frog Lotus Yoga (I'm thinking of writing a post about it soon ^^), if you are thinking about training with them, contact me and I'd love to share my insight on it.