A few months ago I wrote an article for  BE THE PRACTICE about "the end perfectionism" which you can read here. Often times we ask a lot from ourselves and we are not able to enjoy what is going on in the present moment. 

Every opportunity presented to us is one in which we can learn, not drown in. Every person or situation is there to teach us something, and the “problem” is how we view the situation, not the actual situation. It is perception that generates stress, anger, anxiety and sadness and we can change that to feel peace, joy and happiness.

Is there something you can do right now? Of course! To begin with, I have chosen 5 asanas that invite you to find acceptance, to find balance between effort and relaxation. The exercises are intense, and even more so when stress has accumulated in the body. Go slowly. You can use one of my mantras too: I am alive, I am radiant in health. My heart and my lungs nourish my body. I deserve to be happy and loved.

A resource that helps your day to day is to create a morning ritual. It could be to drink warm water with lemon, dedicate 5 minutes to conscious breathing, or exercise…whatever works best for you. If you feel like trying something more, you can download my routine for starting the day here, where I share my tools to find balance and acceptance in your day-to-day life.