“I want to be healthy and filled with energy” is one of the main health goals today. There are thousands of dietary theories that contradict each other, and it is hard to find something that can truly work work for one's body: high carb, low carb, raw vegan, paleo… 

My advice is to try it out: check out what works for your body and what doesn’t. The best is to create strong and lasting lifestyle changes, staying mindful, and never ever feeling like you are missing out on something.  Once you have a balanced diet, supplements can be an interesting complement if you workout a lot or need a bit extra. They may work for you or maybe not, and that’s ok. In this post I’d to share with you here what has worked for me and why I take it.

Chlorella.  It’s a seaweed ^^ I first heard about this supplement when I was running competitively. They told me it acts as a regenerative for workouts. I started taking if after this phase of my life and what I almost instantaneously realized was that my skin got very clear and the number of breakouts was almost zero. It is one my best allies for a clear skin.

Vitamin B12. This is a MUST. I take cobalamin once a week with a dose of 2500 micrograms. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, please do take a B12 supplement. Although I honestly believe that everyone should be taking one since now B12 is not obtained “naturally” (it is generated by bacteria in the soil) and animals are actually supplemented with B12. It is also key to take a high dose once a week vs. smaller doses everyday: vitamin B12’s absorption is proportional to the amount of the intake. 

Maca. Helloooooo increased sex drive. It took me a bit to find the right amount (1 teaspoon a day) but boy, I didn’t believe it, but I feel so much more responsive haha. If you sex drive is already high, perhaps it is not the best idea. Then again, your choice to try it out and see what happens in your body.

Evening primrose oil. If your omega’s 3 and 6 are in balance (1:3 ratio), it can be an excellent idea if you are having period aches (it took them away for me) or if you suffer PMS. I feel that it balances out my hormones and I feel more stable when taking it. 

Iron. If you are a woman and you are working out a lot I would highly recommend taking an iron supplement. I usually buy mine at health food stores. The trick is to take it first thing in the morning with some fruit (vitamin C aids its absorption) and then wait 10-15 minutes for your breakfast. I’ve never ever suffered anemia while competing and being vegetarian. Whenever I feel a bit tired, I start taking it again. What I usually do is take the supplement while on my period and if I am feeling very tired, I take it for a whole month straight. 

Echinacea. This one goes on and off. I use it/take it when I feel I’m going to get sick. It helps the immune system and you can even find it in some teas. For instance, yogi tea has an echinacea tea. I always try to have one of these at home. Tumeric is also amazing, and I’ll be sharing something soon when colder months come.

Vegan protein powder. Yes, you guessed right: chocolate flavored. I usually have it as a morning smoothie after working out and it gives me energy for the morning. My muscles mass has increased since and my fat percentage has decreased (if I’m eating clean and staying in track with my workouts).