There are many fads or diets of just drinking juice for a few days to shed off the extra weight and look fantastic for the wedding, party, event, whatever. I do not share this mindset at all, very unhealthy.

I believe we should nourish our body and mind daily with good and healthy food, quality time with family and friends, exercise, and doing things we love. However, I do think that fasting for a few days can create balance in our your mind and help set new goals: that is how I live it.

I did a two day juice cleanse with drink6 a month ago and it was fantastic. Yes, sure, you do loose a bit of weight but that is not the goal. The goal for me was to find peace from many changes going on in my life and taking care of myself. 

How was it? Well, first of all, if you decide to do something like this, I recommend that you don’t have too many social encounters so you don’t feel pressured to not eat or be taking your juices everywhere. Make it a date with yourself, like a mini at home retreat so you can really benefit from the experience. I kept working out as usual: yoga, strength training and running and I felt I still had energy to carry on with my day. One big big big pro (please don’t laugh) is that I didn’t have do groceries or cook for 2 days, so I had extra time for other things I wanted to do. 

Is it for you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Yes, it requires a strong mindset and motivation: “I’m only drinking juice for XX days”. However, just like any fast, it allows you to explore yourself in a deeper level and to set new intentions. 

Have you ever done one? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear your thought! xx