I have been traveling quite a lot this year and the lack of routine can easily make one slip from the movement and nourishment that one’s body is used to. As rule of thumb there are two options: a) take it as a down time to recover from your week’s workouts (depending on the amount of days this can be appropriate) or b) stay with your workout regime.

If you chosen option b), how to do it in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable? Most likely, you will be walking a lot when traveling so your low intensity movement will be covered. Oh! First things first: take with you whatever gear you may need! 


A great idea is to stay at hotel with a gym. Personally, knowing that I have it available and specially if it is a cool gym, it will make me want to go and work out. The key element, specially if you are not traveling alone, is fitting it into your day. The best time? Early in the morning before breakfast. You’ll start your day feeling accomplished and pumped up with endorphins and ready for everything. 

And if you want to really stay committed: grab a friend. Invite someone to join you and hold each other accountable. Plus, you’ll also have a nice “social time" together. I feel like working out together creates strong bonds in all types of relationships. 


To stay up with your meals I recommend that you buy food form the grocery store directly for snacks and fruits and to look up places for healthy eats. Make it something pleasurable and enjoyable. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and are not sure if you will cover your protein requirements, taking some protein powder with you can be an excellent idea.

Safe travels!