We are usually super focused on eating clean, whole foods, organic, tadadadada. But, what about products that you put on your skin everyday? There are so many chemicals that penetrate in our skin on a daily basis that we still don’t know about the long term effect they can have on our health. 

A little lost on where to start and what to change? Don’t worry, I’m going to spill all my secrets:


This will depend a bit on your body odor. If it is not to strong I use alum crystal. Just get it wet with water and roll through the armpits. I also put a bit of coconut oil afterwards. This way, if there is sweat, it will smell super nice ;)


For my body I usually use coconut oil to hydrate it and keep it soft. It is super nice to massage the skin after a warm shower. 


I use tea tree oil for acne, and hydrate with rosehip oil and organ oil before going to bed. I try as much as possible to buy organic creams. One of my favorites (although it is for men) is N'GAJE. I also recently tried out the products from nasei and they have a huge variety of products that are vegan, non-toxic and chemical free.



This is a tricky one and it is definitely one I need to work on. Irati sent me a shampoo and hair mask to try out. The shampoo is great, although I am used to those who create more foam. What really made me fall in love was their hair mask, truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. To style my curls I apply a bit of… (you guessed it) coconut oil on my ends. You can also do a coconut oil hair mask (before washing your hair: just leave it in for 15-20 minutes) once a week to hydrate more intensively. Another thing you can try out is to wash your hair less often, I wash it about once a week. 


Dental care is so much more important than we think. If we can’t grind our food properly, we can’t absorb its nutrients well. I usually buy a dental cream that is from the health food store. It’s what I’ve found that works best for me at the moment. 

Do you have any other tips? Or something that you’d like to share?