Summer workout, summer ready… call it whatever you like. We can define it as the month or two before the new season hits and you take care of yourself a little more because you want to look your best. Although all this is very superficial (and I’m sure you think the same), if helps you work a little harder and keep your motivation up, let’s go for it. So, if you are bit lost or need some more ideas, read below ;)

1. Food

I’m sure you’ve heard that “abs are made in the kitchen”. I like to say that “you make your abs with your training program, and they get revealed with good eating habits". I encourage you to introduce more veggies in your meals and to always keep water nearby so you stay hydrated. Don’t put yourself on a diet. Just eat more whole foods and allow yourself a little indulgence very now and then.

2. Make workout dates instead of lunch dates 

It’s something that I see more and more often each time. And I love it! More and more people meet up to do some physical activity instead of going out for food. Exercising with other builds stronger friendships. So, why not invite a co-worker to your favorite gym class? Or a family member to join you running?

3. Take a look at you current training plan

Maybe you already know what works super well for you. For me, it is a combination of strength training, running, and yoga. And… I’m sharing with you exactly what I do.

At home:

- I am a huge fan of  Kayla Itsines, and I 100% recommend her program . Her sessions require little material so you can do the workouts at home, plus they only last like 30 minutes. I’m leaving you with an example that you can try.

- If you prefer, , here you have a set of 4 videos from Alexis Ren. They are short and easy to fit into your day.

- Regarding yoga, I love the platform alomoves. It has a wide variety of classes, styles, and duration.


Outside home:

- Put on your sneaker and get a friend to go on a walk with you once or twice a week. If you are on your own you can listen to a podcast or call a friend and catch up.

- If you enjoy running: warm up and do 10 repetitions of 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds recovery. It is a HIIT running workout: shorts and effective.

- Visit a local gym or yoga studio and try one of their classes. It is a great way to break a sweat and meet people too!

I hope these ideas inspire you and that you start your summer in a healthy way!