“Irene, you are a physicist and a yoga teacher… how is that even possible?”

I get this A LOT. Almost every time I share that I am finishing a PhD in experimental physics (I levitate glass nanoparticles with light that interact with very small structures that I fabricate myself in a clean room: controlled space in temperature, dust, and humidity where you dress up like a smurf). 

Well, let me tell you a bit more. Yoga is discipline full of history, philosophy, and for me it the best tool to find balance and wellbeing. What about chakras, prana, etC? Bien, pues… te cuento. El yoga es una disciplina llena de historia, de filosofía, y para mí es mi herramienta para estar en equilibrio y sentirme bien.  ¿El tema de los chakras, el prana, etc? I’ll confess that I am not super fond of these concepts. However, I do like the idea behind them, and specially how they are ideas that originated thousands of years ago. Now… the idea that you have something blocked because of a chakra… mmmm nope. I won’t  vouch for that and it is true that vital organs coincide with charka points. You will find that I am open to listen about them, I find it interesting, “culturizing”; for instance, I’ll enjoy a meditation where the chakras are used to focus or reflect on different areas of your life.  

Another examples? Ok, wifi and microwave ovens. Maybe you think that one or both of them are bad for your health. I’ve got good news for you: everything you’ve heard is not true. They do NOT produce cancer, or illness or anything in between. Both types of electromagnetic waves (the light from the sun is also an electromagnetic wave) is non-ionizing. This means that it does not trigger cell mutation or anything of the sort in your body.  So it is completely safe to have wifi at home and to heat up your food in the microwave oven.  Now, X-rays, flying on planes, living in the mountain or eating 10^20 bananas a day can be much much more dangerous. Plus, there are millions of electromagnetic waves everywhere (all the communication channel travel like this). So having wifi at home will make absolutely no impact. 

You will allow me one more. Every time you see the word “quantum” written in relation with health or wellbeing, do not believe it! Quantum mechanics is a theory to explain, predict and understand what happens in nature at the atomic and molecular level. You could use quantum mechanics to explain the world that we are used to (your day to day so to say) but … ufff, you can simplify the model and obtain the same results (thank goodness!). So… don’t let yourself be tricked!

I hope you learned something new today ^^ And now I wonder… did you like it? Did I provoke you? Let me know!



P.D. If you want to come visit me one day at the lab, I’ll be happy to give you a tour!