Prepare your cap, sunscreen, comfy shoes, and water. We are going hiking! Summer invites us to lay low by the beach and rise up to peaks. It is usually the time of year when I do more "field trips" since the weather is good and you get out of heat of the city. There are so many times when you need a jacket at the top!

I have selected 5 routes throughout Spain that are between 10 and 15 km from the app Wikiloc: 

If you are in Cataluña: this is the one. You can get to the valley of Núria by public transportation (train to Ribes and the a "zipper" train). Also, if you are up for something more relaxed, you can chill by a nice lake there or rent a small boat. The route I am proposing is the same way to and back (about 9 km total). On the way there are trees, an alpine meadow, and of course, rock.

La pedriza
This is one of the nicest places to go hiking in Madrid. I recommend to do the route just as it is explained in wikiloc. I did it the other way around and going down some of the rocks was a bit scary! It is a circular route of a little over 13 km, so you will get to see different sceneries.

Picos de Europa
In this 12 km walk, you will see different peaks and even an old mine. Unfortunately, the old instalations have not been preserved and there only some ruins left. Be prepared to take your camera to capture the nice views! 

Lagunas de sierra nevada
Close to Granda, you can discover a the beautiful area that inspired a legend in the area. It has a bit of loose rocks on the way (that is why it is considered of moderate level). It is 15 km and it is also circular, it's always nice to see different things!

Forau Aigualluts
This one is very close to Benasque, and it is the longest route I've proposed thus far (16 km). The walk starts at the parking lot where you will also find information about the area. You will find nice meadows where you can go for a picnic, and even see some wildlife!