So most likely, you will do something like this:

1. Go on your web browser.

2. Search for "yoga + city where you live".

Depending where you are... there can be tens, maybe even hundreds of studios. What now? You have a long list on your screen and the first question that probably pops up in your head is "how do I filter? How do I go from here?". I propose to you 4 steps to help you find a studio you'll fall in love with (and will go to class to).

1. Location

It must be easy for you to get to. This will ensure that you go even on the days were you might not find yourself so motivated. If it is close by, it will be easy to push yourself to go (and we all know it is better to go to yoga than not to go). Plus, you'll have time for more things if it doesn't take you long to get there. Ideally the studio should be close to or with a short commuting time to where you work or live.

2. Style of classes

Try, test, and try again. What do you like and enjoy? Do you prefer softer classes like yin or restorative? Or stronger sessions like power, ashtanga, vinyasa or rocket? Studios usually offer different types of classes, so try it out and find something where you have fun.

3. Material and services

I find it very comfortable when I can leave my yoga mat at the studio or that there are free mats accessible. It is also a plus if you can shower there in case you need to leave for work or if you have a get-together right after. Another thing that I value is if space is limited to max 15-20 students, so there can be more time for each of them.

4. Space and instructors

Always: the best for last. Just being in a beautiful space transmits peace and generate well-being. This is wonderful! And if you can, find a place that makes you feel good. Regarding instructors: there will be some with whom you'll connect with more than others. Do keep your mind always open: listen and learn from all of them. I'm sure everyone of them have precious gems of knowledge to share with you and take home!

And, in case you were asking yourself, any recommendations? In Barcelona, I have a couple of studios that I love: Shanti Vida, Casa del Moviment, Glow Yoga Barcelona, and little further away from the city, vivea.